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PPrimasis, established as a company with a focus in Event Planner Services, Event Productions and Event Organizer Services.

Our company offers cooperation with various national companies and government agencies in various forms of work according to our company's area of ​​expertise. With lofty goals and high ideals, we are consistent with our initial commitment at the time of establishing the Company, We provide and accommodate experts in various fields in doing work within the Government and private sector which will be completed well.

Primasis was founded on May 17, 2005 in Jakarta, with Rati Pudyastuti S, Sos as its Director. This company is located in Jl. Rasamala VI / c-26, Pancoran, South Jakarta

2005 was a milestone in the Primasis journey 14 years is an age that is mature enough for a company to prove its existence

Our Mission

Shape the future shifting by creating unprecedented value and opportunity for our customers, employees, investors, and ecosystem partners..

Our Plan

Growth to create Value-added, multifunction versatility, Celebrating diverse voices, Bringing mindfulness, Customized personalization, and Thoughtful sustainability.

Our Vision

Idealized picture of the event outcome which expresses the event's reason for existence. Make it easily understandable to everyone.


What we often encounter is a simple question, "Why use the services of another company if you can plan and do it yourself?"
Yes, in simple terms too, it can be explained that using professional services is the right way to save costs from unpredictable expenses and ensure important details are taken care of properly. EO’s or professional event planners know what they're doing. Not only that, using EO services can be a very valuable asset for the smooth running of your event.
Primasis is a company that provides planning services to the implementation of an event, including various supporting accessories..

Event Organizer

An event organizer is responsible for planning, managing, and organizing sensational events in the most efficient and cost effective way.

Event Production

We provide the technological and creative execution of an event using sound, lighting, video, design, and more to control the atmosphere, mood, and emotion of attendees.

Wedding Organizer

We provide professional assisting with the design, planning and management of a client's wedding


We serve with the most used and successful form of communicating your feelings to those you care about.

Multimedia Resources

A multimedia service is a combination of two or more media components such as voice, data, video, and still image, in a single session delivered between two or more parties. Multimedia services can be classified as interactive or distribution services

Event Venues

Host your guests in a cozy event space that exudes intelligence and professionalism for truly impactful business.

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Event Showreel

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IMF Event


IFS 2020 Event and Website

Bali, website linked


Jakarta 2023

ACMF Deputies Meeting

Jakarta 2023


TMII, Jakarta 2023

Halal Bil Halal TP Sriwijaya

Gedung MPR RI, Jakarta 2023

Charity Run Againts Stunting

Pasar Seni Ancol, Jakarta 2023

Sarasehan Parekraf

Yogyakarta 2022

Wisuda SMAN 8 Jakarta

Binakarna 2022

Awarding Night SMAN 28

gedung BRINS, Jakarta

Wedding Yani dan Adam

Green Andara, Jakarta

Wedding Umi dan Afrizal

LPPI Kemang, Jakarta

Wedding Rofie dan Reza

Klub Eksekutif Persada Purnawira Halim

Wedding Farah dan Fikri

Manggala Wanabakti, Jakarta







Concert HiVi

JVLYN, Jakarta 2023

PAMER 2022



SMANU MHT, Jakarta

Multimedia 3


Multimedia 1


Multimedia 2


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Primasis Production Team

Rati Krisnawan

Chief Executive Officer

WillyS Kusuma Hadi

Operation Head

Bambang AP


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Jl. Rasamala VI / c-26, Pancoran, South Jakarta

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